Like many land owners, Gene outgrew his storage space and needed a dry workshop to house his yard and farm equipment. 

Gene's shed measures 30'x40'12' and has a 10'x40' porch along the one side.

This equipment shed features

  • 10’x40’ open porch       
  • Two 11’x12 sliding doors (split)
  • 3'x4' sliding windows

Gene benefited from the shed by:

  • Having a central location for all of his equipment needs
  • Increasing his property value
  • Creating his own workshop to tinker tractors and trailers while keeping them shielded from UV rays
  • Protecting his valuable equipment from theft 

Gene was impressed with the quality workmanship on his equipment shed. 

“You guys did an outstanding job. The guys worked hard to get the job done. I have seen hundreds of pole barns over the years and when I look at yours I can see the quality in the work just looking at the building. Let me know if you ever need a reference."