Underground conveyor to transfer load from railcar to truck

Overhead backhoe to unload railcars

22' high opening for railcar access

Dormer with 38 ft. high ceiling to house overhead backhoe

Landisville Railroad believes that providing cheaper transportation gives their customers a competitive edge. The railroad company works in transloading operations for lumber, industrial sand, steel and scrap materials. The company needed a pole building, constructed over their existing railroad, that would allow an underground grain conveyor to transfer their loads from railroad cars to trucks.

Lancaster Pole Buildings worked with Hershey Equimpment Co., the general contractor of this facility, to install the unloading equipment and conveyor. 

This pole building measures:

  • 45' x 65' x 24' 
  • 20' x 24' x 16' wing
  • 38' high ceiling
  • 20' wide former 

This pole building offers: 

  • Construction over existing railroad tracks
  • Gasoline powered overhead backhoe mounted on 20’ high steel platform