wooden stall door with powder-coated steel hardwareStalls built with tongue and groove pine boards

Horse barn with wrap around lean-to and open porch

enclosed lean-to

Open porch for outdoor livestock shelter

inside of boxstall. Window to exterior protected with power-coated steel grill

Four 12ft x 12ft boxstalls

The best stables not only protect horses from extreme temperatures, but they're also functional and beautiful. When our customer in Monson, MA wanted a new barn with great ventilation and ample room to move, we created a 40' X 50' design with an enclosed lean-to and open porch.

This horse barn features:

  • 40' x 50' measurements 
  • Four 12 ft x 12ft box stalls grills and sliding doors
  • Enclosed wrap-around lean-to
  • Open porch for outdoor livestock shelter
  • Wood siding and metal roof
  • Two 8x12 wooden slider doors

This open design helps:

  • Keeps the stable smelling like clean horses and fresh forage, instead of ammonia or manure 
  • Keep the stable within a comfortable temperature for the horses 
  • Easily house a 1,000 pound horse in wide box stalls 
  • Provide great airflow through grills
  • Save space through sliding doors