Wooden double doors at walkway leading to stall barn

Front view of new arena with office area and porch

Arena viewed from the south

Arena viewed from the west

6ft Cupola with glass windows


Arena viewed from the north

Arena viewed from the east

Inside the 16,000 sq. ft. arena

Rear view of new arena and clubhouse attached to existing stall barn

View of entire complex

Kick board gates & wooden slider doors

Viewing the roof of the complex

Front porch of office area

-The main building of this horse riding complex measures 90 ft wide x 180 ft long with a 20' high ceiling. This building serves as an indoor riding arena and features 16,000 sq. ft. of riding area.

-The adjoining 60' x 24' wing serves as an office area and clubhouse. This area also features an enclosed walkway that connected the existing  stable area to the new riding arena. This gives the horse and rider direct access to the arena from the stable area.


-Metal liner panel on walls and ceiling of arena
-5 ft. pine tongue & groove kick board on interior walls
- 24 sliding windows (6 ft wide) to allow airflow in arena 
- 48 in. Polycarbonate side-lites along top of wall
- Perma-column foundations 
- 48 in. wainscot panel