Real stone veeneer around bottom of building

The owners of this building wanted their new garage to match the look and feel of their existing house, blend with the surrounding landscape and architecture, and be as maintenance free as possible.

To achieve this goal, we used a vertical vinyl siding designed to simulate wooden chamfer board siding. This combined the look of painted wood with the durability and low maintenance of vinyl.

The metal roof-line was accentuated by a steeper than normal roof pitch and a matching cupola. Matching metal snowguards added further definition and function.

This garage has a 12'  interior ceiling which is tall by residential standards. To shorten the overall look of the building, a 2 ft. pent roof was added across the front of the gable.

As a finishing touch, a real stone wainscot was laid  around the bottom 40 inches of the exterior walls. Some of these stones were actual stones taken from the woods surrounding this property.


- Measures 26'x40'x12     - 24 in pent roof across front of gable 

- Cupola and snow snow guards on roof  

- Vertical vinyl siding  -Real stone veneer around bottom of building 

-Decorative carriage house style garage doors (10'x10')